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These Terms and Conditions govern Your use of the Services. The Privacy Policy is included in these Terms and Conditions. The definitions in the Terms and Conditions apply to the Privacy Policy, unless otherwise stipulated.

If You do not agree to these Terms and Conditions please stop using the Services. Your continued use of the Services is acceptance by You of these Terms and Conditions. You acknowledge that Your failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions may result in disqualification from use of the Services, the closure of Your PlugPlug Account and/or legal action against You.

These Terms and Conditions may be updated from time to time. The most recent version of the Terms and Conditions in force at any time can be accessed from www.plugplug.com/terms. We encourage You to visit the Website regularly and check the Terms and Conditions in force at such time. Your continued use of the Services is deemed acceptance of the updated or amended Terms and Conditions. If You do not agree with any changes made from time time You should stop using the Services.

These Terms and Conditions including thePrivacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between You and Us regarding Your use of the Services. Any promotional terms and conditions are subject at all times to these Terms and Conditions and in the event of conflict these Terms and Conditions will prevail. You agree that nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be considered to create a joint venture or the relationship of partners, partnership or principal and agent between You and Us. Unless We otherwise agree in writing, neither You nor We shall (i) enter into any contract or commitment with third parties as agent for or on behalf of the other party, (ii) describe or present itself as such an agent or in any way hold itself out as being such an agent, or (iii) act on behalf of or represent the other party in any manner, or for any purpose.

In the event that these Terms and Conditions are translated into another language, the English language version shall prevail.

1. Introduction to PlugPlug
We offer a platform which enables You to Book a Travel Experience/s through the Services and to share Your Travel Experiences by documenting these on Our Website by posting a Plug. You will earn rewards on Your PlugPlug Account for Bookings made subject to these Terms and Conditions.

In addition, other Users are able to enjoy the same Travel Experiences by making use of the Booking link on a Plug. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the User posting the Plug will earn a Commission.\

2. Definitions
In these Terms and Conditions the following words and phrases have the meanings provided below:

2.1 “Application/s” In these Terms and Conditions the following words and phrases have the meanings provided below:

2.2 “Book or Booking” means the reservation, and order of a Travel Experience through the Services;

2.3 “Commission” means the fee earned by a Plugger for a Booking in accordance with this Agreementto the value of 3% of the value of the Booking provided that:

2.3.1 zero Commission will be earned for Bookings relating to eating establishments or restaurants;

2.3.2 Commission of only 1% of the value of the Booking will be earned by a Plugger for the Booking of cruises;

2.4 “Completion” means the completion of a Booking which occurs after payment and physical exercise and fulfillment of the Booking;

2.5 “Device” means your application access device including, without limitation, your desktop or laptop computer, mobile phone, personal digital assistant, tablet or any other type of portable or mobile device now existing or hereafter devised.

2.6 “Holding Company” means Createfo GmbH, a company registered in Switzerland with number CHE-420.769.502;

2.7 “Parties” means the parties to this Agreement, being You and PlugPlug, and “Party” shall mean either one of them;

2.8 “Paypal Account” means the Paypal account to be registered by a User;

2.9 “Paypal Terms” means the terms and conditions of the Paypal Account referred to in clause 5.6.9 which can be viewed at paypal.com;

2.10 “Plug” means, a review or recommendation posted by a User about a Travel Experience and includes any User Content.