About us

PlugPlug was founded in 2019 in Switzerland by Carl Cronje. After the initial development, PlugPlug launched in the 3rd quarter of 2020 with a website. The mobile applications for iOS and Android will be launched in the following months.

PlugPlug is firstly a social media platform for the travel industry. Secondly, it is a booking engine for travel-related products. PlugPlug is one of the only social media platforms that reimburses content makers for bookings made via their content. Our mission is to reward content makers for their content and value they add to our platform.

PlugPlug has linked with several providers to supply a variety of travel products on our booking system. We strive to continue to add more products and increase our product offering. Currently, we have over 28 million accommodation listings. We also have a wide variety of travel activities in more than 2,000 destinations around the world.