How does it work?


Everyone dreams of travelling to exotic locations and faraway lands. However, all trips start in the same place: at home! The first step of your journey will always be to dream about your next destination. Whether you’re dreaming of a relaxing beach vacation at an all-inclusive resort, backpacking across South East Asia, embarking on a guided group tour in Europe, taking to the Alps for a ski trip or a quick weekend getaway in Vegas - finding inspiration is where it all begins! 

There are 5 stages that contribute towards your entire travel journey: 

  1. Dreaming and Inspiration - Where do you want to go? What do you want to experience while you are there? Are you looking for something laidback or an adventure-packed itinerary? These are all things to think about when selecting your next travel destination.
  2. Research or Planning - This is where it starts to get real! No more dreaming, it’s time to start doing. There are many necessary elements to thinking about when planning a trip. From flights and accommodation to budgeting and taking time off of work. Effective research and planning will ensure your journey runs as smoothly as possible!
  3. Booking Travel - Flights, accommodation, action! Find the most convenient and affordable method of transportation to get you to your destination, book a comfortable place to sleep and schedule some exciting activities.
  4. Experiencing the Trip - Now comes everyone’s favourite part of the journey; the actual trip! Make the most of your holiday by experiencing all that this destination has to offer.
  5. Sharing and Remembering - When we travel, we make memories to last a lifetime. These memories can be shared in the form of stories, photos and videos. Sharing your journey and experiences through all 5 stages with other travellers will certainly help them when planning their next trip.

How do we simplify the travel journey?

PlugPlug’s goal is to simplify the traveller’s journey by covering all 5 stages. We do this with a simple concept: a social media platform on the front and a booking engine on the back. As the first of its kind, PlugPlug combines all five stages into one, convenient, user-friendly digital solution. Users (Pluggers) can find travel inspiration and create bucket-lists, conduct research and plan their trips, book tours and accommodation and share all of their memories and experiences on the PlugPlug website or app. 

Revenue Sharing Model

PlugPlug is what we like to call a second generation platform. We have created a business model that shares its revenue with content creators. This means that you can earn monetary rewards (commission) simply by creating a Plug.

What is a Plug?

Reviews and recommendations are what we call Plugs. A Plug is connected to a product, such as a tour or hotel, and it must be verified. This means that only authentic content from real users who experienced the actual product will be accepted. 

How will PlugPlug work?

Dreaming & Inspiration, Research/Planning, Booking Travel, Experience, Sharing! Go through the usual 5 stages of your travel journey and earn rewards when other travellers book through your Plugs. All you need to do is share your experiences and encourage others to do the same

Commission Structure

All users must register on Plug Plug to earn commission. When another user books an experience or product using your Plug, you will receive a percentage of the fee as a commission. The rate of commission is as follows:

  1. 4%
  2. Viator 3%
  3. Expat Explore 4%
  4. Booking reward 0.5%

The User Journey

  1. Register: Sign up in just a few minutes using your name and email address. 
  2. Login: Log into your account using your unique username and password.
  3. How to write a Plug: A Plug is a post, like a review or recommendation. Write about your travel experiences and let fellow travellers know why they should book through your Plug.
  4. Share: Spread the love and share your Plug or bucket list on other social media platforms. 
  5. View rewards: Visit your personal dashboard to check your stats and monitor your Plugs and rewards.